Maple Grove, MN Fireplaces

Fireplace Cleaning & Repair Maple Grove, MN

One of the most important aspects of owning a fireplace of any kind is regular maintenance. The Fireplace Guys offer fireplace cleaning and repairs in the Maple Grove, MN area. If you do not schedule regular cleanings for your fireplace, you may be setting yourself up for costly repairs or problems. All our technicians are NFI (National Fireplace Institute) certified. We will service all major brands.

Our fireplace cleaning and repair services include:

  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Gas fireplace cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Vent cleaning
  • Inspections to pinpoint issues
  • Woodstove cleaning

Our certified technicians will ensure that your fireplace and chimney systems are up-to-date with all codes and as clean as possible so you can rest easy and enjoy the warmth your fireplace brings. It is important to hire a professional as they understand the complexities of your fireplace system and will clean and maintain it properly.

The best time to have your system serviced it at the start of each heating system, so you don’t run into any problems during our cold Minnesota winters.

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Fireplaces Maple Grove, MN

Fireplaces are not only an object that warms you home, but a stylish focal point of your home. The Fireplace Guys in Maple Grove, MN offers a variety of fireplace services as well as custom shelving and more to set your living room apart from the rest. We are a licensed, bonded and insured fireplace company available for free consultations and in-home estimates.

Our fireplace services include:

  • Inserts
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Fireplace conversions
  • Repairs
  • Cleaning

We can assist you in setting up a maintenance schedule to ensure your fireplace is functioning properly for years to come. Our team is devoted to providing superior customer service for all our customers. No matter what your question, we will help you find the answer in a timely manner.

Our fireplaces not only provide warmth throughout your home, but are beautiful as well. They will add to your room’s overall appearance. We will even create custom built-ins to your specifications.

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Fireplace Inserts Maple Grove, MN

One of the biggest complaints homeowner’s have is how drafty their old wood burning fireplace is during our cold Minnesota winters. If your fireplace is only causing you to shiver instead of bringing warmth, then it is time to consider a fireplace insert. The Fireplace Guys will install a fireplace insert and can convert your existing fireplace into a gas operated one throughout the Maple Grove, MN area. A fireplace insert will increase your home’s efficiency by blocking that drafty space and keeping the heat inside your home.

Our fireplace insert services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Installation

We install:

  • Pipe for venting
  • Electrical installation
  • A fan
  • Remote control
  • A front and surround
  • Gas line

Our team even takes care of all city and state permits required.

Fireplace inserts not only improve the warmth of your home, but the style as well. Our fireplace inserts are designed in a variety of ways to suit your taste. Our skilled professionals will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new fireplace insert.

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Gas Fireplaces Maple Grove, MN

The Fireplace Guys install, repair and maintain gas fireplaces throughout the Maple Grove, MN region. Don’t suffer another cold Minnesota winter with a drafty unused wood burning fireplace. Our team can seal that up with gas fireplace inserts or conversions.

Our gas fireplace services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Repair

Closing up the drafty fireplace with a fireplace insert will increase your home’s efficiency and cut down your heating bill. We will answer all your questions from the simple to the complex – we’re always here for you. Gas fireplaces are beautiful and customizable. Our professional team of skilled technicians will work with you to ensure you get the best fireplace insert to suit your taste.

We also install direct vent fireplaces that do not require a chimney and takes up less space than a wood burning fireplace. Our team can help you choose the perfect fireplace for you and your family.

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Fireplace Installation Maple Grove, MN

The team at The Fireplace Guys offer fireplace installation services throughout the Maple Grove, MN area. Fireplaces can be a make or break decision for some potential homeowners, do not let a home without a fireplace discourage you – we can help! Our technicians are certified in the latest fireplace installation and maintenance techniques.

Our fireplace installations include:

  • Converting wood burning fireplaces to gas
  • Gas inserts
  • Direct vent fireplaces

A brand new fireplace installation will add value and style to your home. Gas fireplace installation eliminates drafts caused by your current wood burning fireplace. Our technicians use fireplace inserts to accomplish this by molding it to fit your existing structure.

We can also install direct vent fireplaces that burns cleaner than wood and does not require a chimney. Fireplace installation can help you complete your warm, new home or refresh and improve your existing home.

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